Canadian Entertainment Industry COVID-19 Impact Study

We are calling on YOU to please help us gather data on the economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic is causing on the live entertainment industry. We are aware that a stimulus package is being prepared by the Government of Canada in the coming days to help Canadians and businesses hit hardest by the novel coronavirus outbreak. We want to make sure that they don’t forget about the performing arts and live events industry who are at the very forefront of this crisis.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey to answer a few questions. Your answers will provide us with important data that we can collect to prepare a report which will share with our legislators in hopes that they can offer as much relief to not just the small business owners but also to the sole proprietors, independent contractors and freelancers who have lost a major part, if not all of their income. 

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How much revenue have you lost so far due to cancelled events?
How many employees or contractors could see potential layoffs?
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Initial Findings

Here are our initial findings - please note this is not a live update and we will be updating periodically.
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